dimanche 20 janvier 2013


Hey guys :)  

I just wanted to make a post to show you what kind of notebooks I'm using at school :D  I just realised I have plenty of them (haha) 

Economy lessons notebook :D ! I did the collage with magazine ,pictures and candy packages ;)

Folder where I put my random stuff (everyone has a folder like this one) ! Bought at Clair's a long time ago

English lessons notebook :) ! -> LONDON + rain !!!           Bought at Carrefour (french supermarket)

Science lessons notebook :) !  Bought at Carrefour :)

Bouldog face folder :) (I can't use it because it is too cute)   Bought at Harrods in the pet corner

My agenda :) (2012-2013) !                 Bought at Loft (Japanese bookstore)

My Japanese lessons book :)                                             Don't remember where I got it :) !

History lessons book :) ! I wish I could have a sweet dog like that ;( !!         Bought in a bookstore in Japan