lundi 11 novembre 2013

What's Inside My Bag?

Today I'm going to show you what I usually put in my bag ! 

The Bag that I  use the most often is a backpack I bought at new look (around 20€) ! It's big enough to carry large notebooks for school and I find it quite convenient :) !

So here is all the things I usually bring in my bag !
1) Stylist Magazine (October issue) :  I always need to bring a nice magazine or a book with me ! Reading is important .
2) Keel's Simple Diary : I like writing about how I feel at a precise moment , this Diary asks you personal questions  and it can be useful to know yourself a bit better!
3) Toast Bandage : I always carry Bandages ! They can be very useful in case of injury
4) Blue Sunglasses : If the sun is shining very bright, or in moments I want to feel like John Lennon, I wear these sunglasses !
5) Phone Case : this is actually a phone case but people often think that it is a camera.
6) Notebooks : The one with the bulldog is from a Japanese brand called "La dolce vita" and the one with the robots is from Paperchase .  I love writing on pretty notebooks, It actually makes my lessons more enjoyable !
7) Sketch Book : Whenever I have time to draw, I draw !
8) Cupcake Wet Wipes : Useful whenever I need to clean my hand :)
9) Mentol Mint Chewing Gum from HEMA:  I'm a chewing gum addict, and these one are the most tasty !
10) Louis Vitton Wallet : a second handed wallet that my lovely sister gave me !
11) Pencil Case : an old pencil case that my mother gave me a few years ago!It's from a Japanse brand called Ecoute!
12) My makeup case : I bought it in a cheap shop called Primark!

Here is all my makeup I carry in my makeup bag :)
1) A foundation I got from "Too cool for school" : I love the fluffy texture it has ! And it covers your skin perfectly
2) Perfume from Benefit "Laugh With Me Lee Lee" : a perfume that has a lovely smell !
3) Mascara called "Majorca Majorca" from Shiseido : It gives your eyelashes lots of volume
4) A lip gloss from & Stories: It makes your lips glossy and pink
5) A mirror from Marc Jacobs: Because keeping a mirror with you is important!
6) Waterproof eyeliner from Mac : It is so waterproof that you can even go swimming with it !
7) A "Satin Magenta" blush from & Stories : It's perfect on my skin because I am usually very pale
8) Eyeshadow from Sephora : Basic colors that are very useful especially when I need to go out for the night
9) Gemey Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm : It gives keeps your lips moisturized and it has a barbie pink color

And here is all the thinks I bring in my pencil case

1) A 360° Ruller : It's very useful for maths lessons
2) Japanese Mugen Pop Pop Toy : it is a de-stressing toy and you need to push it buttons in order to make your daily stress disappear
3) Kadokeshi Kun : It's a rubber that can help you erasing your mistake in a very precise way
4) Color Pencil from Kukuxumusu : useful for my geography lessons
5) Colored Pen from Stabilo : I use it in every lessons
6) Stabilo Highlighters : I bring with me all the colors everyday and I highlight all my texts in different colors
7) A deer Pen from Nara 
8)A moomin pencil