mercredi 18 décembre 2013

It's almost chirstmas!

Dear bloggers :)
I decided to take some pictures behind the woods of my backyard, and it reminded me of the creepy stories my gramma used to tell  me  when I was a child, such as the little red riding hood :) At xmas time she especially used to tell me the story of Saint Nicolas !
The outfit I wore on the pictures  is kind of a mixture between the two stories. The cap is more inspired from the little red riding hood but the check motifs are more on the  xmas and Saint Nicolas's side.

Coat: Pull & Bear
Neckless: Six
Skirt: American Apparel
Shirt: New Look

I just loved the colors and the effects of this blurred picture so I decided to include it in this post :)

dimanche 1 décembre 2013

Too Cool For School

Dear readers :)

I decided to make a post about  people I find "elegant" and "fashionable" in my school :)
People in my school are coming from all around the world,  some of them have a very original and interesting style!

At the library: 

At the library, I found Emily and Gabriel studying philosophy together! They are both from the United Kingdom and their  colorful and original style is lovely.

I loved Emily's girly and elegant outfit !
Top: Pull & Bear
Blazer: H&M
Leggings : Marks & Spencer 
Boots: Kurt Geiger

Gabriel, is matching his red/pink trousers with the little spot on his t-shirt! He is also wearing a big pair of glasses and a pair of derby shoes that gives a "classic" touch to his outfit .

Top : H&M
Cardigan: Col Chale
Trousers : Japan Cherry
Shos: ASOS

At the cafeteria

At the cafeteria, I met Adèle and Yagmur  and I am glad I had the opportunity to take a picture of them because I don't always time to meet them otherwise.

Yagmur is from Turky. She is a energetic person with a lot sence of humor!On this picture,her green hat gives a beautiful accent to her simple and beautful outfit !
Hat : Benetton
Top : Zara 
Trousers :Hue
Shoes: Adidas 

Adèle is French and British ! Her Doc Martens gives her outfit a "Punk" kind of nuance.

In the main school building

The main school building is the place we have lessons and where students spend most of their times! I took picutres of a bunch of people I met randomly in the corridors, or people that are attending the same lessons as myself!

Esther is a Danish and French girl ! I am totally in love with her creeper shoes and her leather jacket :) 
    Leather Jacket: Kookai
    Sweater : Urban Outfitters
    Scarf : Gap
    Jeans : Cheap Monday
    Shoes: Creeper

Aminata is from Senegal and Japan ! I love her sporty top with her skinny jeans :)
Blue Top : Forever 21
Yellow Top: Uniclo
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Pull&Bear

Julie is from France and Japan :) ! She is wearing an amazig spiky bag everyday and the rest of her outfit is very colorful and elegant !  
Bag : Bought in Harajuku (Japan)
Trousers : Uniclo
Shoes: Bought in a vintage shop
Shirt : Cacharel
Coat : Hand-Made

 Caroline (left) and Leopoldine (right) are two stylish girls in my class :) ! Caroline wears a beautiful and original shirt that fits her perfectly, Leopoldine has a very classic and chic style ! She looks very elegant by wearing very simple clothes !

Caroline's outfit
Top: H&M
Jeans : Made & Crafted by Levi's
Earrings: Monoprix

Leopoldine's outfit
Top: Comptoire des cotonniers
Trousers : Uniclo

Ksenia is from Russia, she used to live in Moscow but she moved to France two years ago :) !On this picture she is wearing  her father's boylish Jean Jacket with the badge of her favorite rock band Arctic Monkeys. Her jackets contrasts with her girly flower printed top and her elegant hand bag!

Top : from Zara
Jean Jacket: Zara Men 
Sweater : H&M
Jeans: Top Shop
Shoes: Doc Martens
Bag : Massimo Dutti 
Scarf: it's hand made

Annabelle is a Romanian and German girl ! I love the contrast between the simplicity of her top with a lovely collar with her flower printed leggings and her yellow shoes  !

Anne is a Russian girl ! She has a chic and feminin outfit and I am amazed by her beautiful style

Shoes , Bag , and Coat : Zara
Skirt : Stradivarius

Léna is a French and Japanese girl :) !  I love the color she used in this outfit, it reflects the color of automn :) 

Cardigan : Mango
Scarf : H&M
Top : Forever 21
Trousers : Bonobo