jeudi 27 février 2014


Dear readers!
Here is an article about my favorite music artists of the moment. 

I often listen to rock,  indie, or electro music and I like listening to some internet radio such as "Music Machine" "DM Pulse", Gimmie Indie" to discover new artists.

Icona Pop are a Swedish duo.They make electronic and cachy pop music. They are famous for the song "I love it" that I overheard during the last summer,  but one of my favorite song from them is Good For you : or , Manners

Tame Impala is an amazing australian rock band! Their music is very catchy and quite psycadelic. You might have already heard the song "Elephant" since it is quite famous:

Yodelice is a french rock singer. His style of music is quite simular to the british band Franz Ferdinand. My favorite song is definitely time
Plastiscines is a french girls rock band. I love their new song called "Comment Faire " : or "Barcelona" Their music videos are also quite vintage and it reminds me of the 1960's 

Siouxie And The Banshees are a british rock/punk band. I first learned about this band when I was watching the beautiful movie "Marie Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola in this scene : (hong kong garden). My favorite song is Arabian nights because it contains a  lot of mystery, or jigsaw feeling

Superhumanoids is an American Indie Rock band, and they make very catchy music. I love listening to their song when I go jogging or in parties with friends: so strange is definitely my favorite song, and I also like too young for love

Grimes (Claire Boucher) is a Canadian psycadelic pop singer. I love listening to her songs because for some reason it makes me nostalgic . I like listening to her song to calm down before sleeping, and her music videos are definitely exentric and interesting! My favorite songs from this artist is Genesis and Oblivion

Cults is an American indie rock duo from New York,  I adore their music because it gives me a lot of adrenaline. I especially love the high pretty voice of the singer. They are definitely one of my favorite band, and since the day I shazamed one of their songs in a café I listen to them all the time especially when I am studying.  My favorite songs are abducted, I can hardly make you mine, and Always Forever

 I can't find any words to describe how fabulous , amazing, beautiful , devine and unique is Lana Del Rey. I love her music, her style, her music videos she used to make collecting old vintage movies.   I even went to one of her concert in Paris, and I literally cried when she appeared on stage!  
I love all her songs but here is a list of lovely songs you might have never heard before:  Never let me go, Velvet Crowbar, Driving in car with boys

Blood red shoes is a British rock duo, and I like the harmony between the
strong voice of Steven and the soft voice of Laura-Mary. They like singing powerful and energetic songs such as light it up : or animals: , but also calmer and beautiful song such as : the silence and the drones :

Blood Orange (Lightspeed Champion) is a british artist/ music composer. He makes catchy  hip-hop/pop music and listening to him gives me the impression to be back in the 80's. It is good to play one of his song in a party especially when you are running out of  good music. My favorite song is definitely You're not good enough, but I also High Street : and Uncle ACE: