jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Going Vintage Shopping!

I love wearing second handed clothes! This post will be about my vintage clothes that I recently bought in various places :)

To start with , I bought a Jean Jacket  and an oversized winter jumper at "Kilo Shop" ( which is a vintage shop in Paris (Marais). It is such an original shop where every single item by the kilo.

                                                ->Jean Jacket 13€

                                         Jumper-> 15 €

  I bought a sport jacket and a checked shirt at "66 Vintage Story" ( which is a hudge and amazing shop in Chatelet. I loved it because there is a wide variety of different iteams and the shop is very well organized.

                                          -> Sport Jacket (25 €)

                   ->Checked Shirt (15€)

    I bought an Abercrombie and Fitch jumper at the yard sell of my home city! :)

                                 -> Jumper (2€)

I don't know if this short pants is a vintage piece of clothing, but since I found it behind my wardrobe in a summer camp, I'll include it in my post because I am pretty sure it is second-hand iteam ! 

 And finally I found in Japan at Harajuku in a tiny shop called "Panama boy" ( a pair of short pants  and a dress made out of old frabrics !

                                     -> Short Pants 700yen

                                       -> Dress 5000yen

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    Oh, I love to buy clothes from thrift shops! They´re so unique and great, too!

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    1. Yes i'll tell you when I try it :) ! We should definitely follow each other :)

  2. Great finds! Thanks for passing by my blog! xx

  3. i love the 1st jacket


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  4. I love the grey-blue-white knit jumper and the jeans shorts are great <3
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  7. Great shopping!!!!! I love this kind of shops, it´s the best way to buy special and unique clothes!!
    Love your blog
    Kisses :)

  8. Wow I love the denim jacket! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!